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Monday, July 5, 2010

What makes a Great New Yorker a Great Palm Coast-er?

Crains New York has a cute slide presentation -- What Makes A Great New Yorker.

Because there are so many New Yorkers in Palm Coast, it makes this interesting.  And even if you're not from New York City, you might appreciate the fact that we're about to compare our Palm Coast to one of the greatest cities in the world...

Some interesting data from the slides, also compared to Palm Coast:
There are 8,159 people per square mile of land in New York City, versus 79.6 in the U.S. versus Palm Coast = 1,470 people.  (According to Wikipedia, Palm Coast has 51 sq. mile land, and an estimated population of 75,000; hence 1,470 people per square mile of land).

New York's crime rate is third-lowest in the country among cities of 500,000 or more people, behind only San Diego and San Jose, Calif.  Well, this is not a fair comparison obviously due to population, but why not? Let's just do it: In fact Palm Coast's crime rate index is 65% better than of New York (according to the crime rate indexes published on New York has a crime index of 33, and Palm Coast is at 57 --- and the higher the better, as 100 means the safest).

New York state has the highest number of psychiatrists (5,347) in the nation; and the second highest in the nation per 100,000 people (28 per 100K). Really not sure how many psychiatrists are in Palm Coast truly, but a google-search only shows a handful, so that means 4 to 8 psychiatrists per 100,000 maybe?.

Median family income in New York City is $55,492, compared with $63,211 for the U.S. versus Palm Coast at $46,600 (according to

New York City ranked as the world’s fourth-most-expensive city in which to live last year. According to New York's cost of living index is 177 versus Palm Coast's 89 (US average being 100).  That means Palm Coast is about 50% less expensive than New York.
 ...okay, hang on, let's take a break here for a second.

If the median family income in New York City is 20% higher than of Palm Coast, but cost of living in Palm Coast is 50% cheaper than New York City, what does that mean exactly?  Does it mean we live better in Palm Coast than those in New York?  Oh, we're stepping into subjective territory here... :)

So, let's go back to the comparisons:
The average Manhattan apartment sold for $1.4 million in the first quarter of 2010.  According to, median sale price in Palm Coast now is $123,000.  Uh-Oh!

Of all New Yorkers 25 and older, 32.5% have a bachelor’s degree, compared with 27.4% of Americans. In Palm Coast, 22.77% of adults 25 and older in the town have at least a bachelor's degree.

Just 40.2% of New Yorkers are married, versus 50.2% of Americans. Compare that to Palm Coast?  69.93% of people in Palm Coast are married (according to

There you go!  

Who says you can't compare apples to oranges?  

We just compared Palm Coast to the Big Apple!

Stay positive Palm Coast... :)

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