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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Country Music Night & Grill Off Contest in Flagler Beach

The 4th Annual Flagler Beach Grill Off Contest will take place on Friday, August 6th, from 6 to 9 pm at Veteran’s Park in Flagler Beach.  Local merchants/businesses and the Flagler Beach Museum will be open late for your convenience.

Food fun and entertainment for all!  Bring a chair or a blanket and relax.

Are you going to show your BBQ skills?  Here's is the "grill off contest" rules:

1. All grills MUST be clean and in good repair. You may use propane or charcoal.

2. Each Contestant is responsible for bringing their own grills and utensils (and cleanup). All food must be handled in a sanitary manner using safe food handling techniques.

3. Contestants must be at least 18 years old. Though, a minor may assist an adult as part of a team.

4. You may make your favorite recipe.

5. No precooking allowed. Marinating is OK. Set up time will begin at 4:30 PM in front of the City Hall Chamber entrance on Central Avenue.

6. You may begin grilling at anytime but MUST be finished at 6:30PM.You must grill enough food for 5 judges to sample.

7. All food must be done and ready for judging at 6:30 PM. Any food not completed by that time will be disqualified. After judging is done, contestants may allow the public to sample. Donations for sampling
will be accepted at the grill off event entrance. Tickets will be given to donors and will be used to vote for the “Peoples Choice Award.”

The 4th Annual Flagler Beach Grill Off Contest will be judged by Flagler Beach restaurant owners.  For more information, call 517-2040 or go to website at

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