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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Open Letter from Janet Valentine, Superintendent of Flagler County Schools

This is my first opportunity to address Flagler County School’s family as Superintendent. I have had the great fortune to get to know so many of you over the years and I am so very grateful for the warm reception I have received. I am honored to serve as your new Superintendent of Schools and vow to do my very best to keep up the high standards that Mr. Delbrugge has set for this office and our district.

I have lived and worked in this district for more than 27 years and in that time I have seen quite a few educational philosophies come and go.

I would describe myself as a pragmatist who is dedicated to doing whatever works best for students. I plan to focus on expanding and improving a learning community that fosters individual inquiry, emphasizes learning by doing, educates for social responsibility, celebrates success and acknowledges effort.

I know this won’t be easy. Our resources are likely to be stretched as never before. We will be increasing our reliance on data to inform our decisions and ensure that our resources are used to the greatest advantage. I encourage everyone to review the new strategic plan we will be adopting for the district, which will be posted on the web site in the very near future. Despite our challenges, I am confident that Flagler County Schools will continue to provide an educational experience for our students of which we can all be proud.

In closing, let me once again offer my thanks for the support I have received and invite the entire community to become an active partner in the education of our children. Let me leave you with a quote by author Harrison Owen that has meant a lot to me and I think is applicable to all of us as we move forward:
When the spirit of people is strong, focused, and vibrant, wonderful things happen. 

I expect to see wonderful things happen in Flagler County Schools.

Janet Valentine
Flagler County Schools

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