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Thursday, July 8, 2010

“A Family Affair” on Saturday July 10, 2010 at Central Park in Palm Coast Town Centre

Precious Hearts Foundation will be holding their inaugural fundraising event, “A Family Affair” on Saturday July 10, 2010 at Central Park, 160 Lake Avenue at Town Center in Palm Coast.

The Foundation says to expect tons of fun; with space walk for the kids, face painting, pie-eating contests, and prizes.

People from the local business community as well families from Flagler County are invited to the event.  This is a free event, there is no cost to attend.

Precious Hearts Foundation is a non-profit organization that aid men, women, and children who are victims of domestic abuse, as well as reaches out to the elderly and the less fortunate, and the homeless by establishing a "meals on wheels" program, and by providing hotel vouchers to domestic abuse victims along with counseling.

For more information about our organization, visit and become a member at:

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Precious Hearts Foundation's  President and Founder, Elva "Precious Love" Thompson; a Pennsylvania native is a past victim/survivor of domestic abuse, and a divorced mother of 5 that range in the ages of 6-year-old twins to age 22.

Elva was determined to not allow the effects of her abusive marriage effect her children.  She knew that self-sufficiency was the key to regaining her power as a woman and mother.

Elva began her journey of healing and transformed from victim to victor, as she holds a Bachelor's Degree in English and an Associate's Degree in Medical Editing and birthed her own limited liability company, Georgia Editing Service, LLC (a medical and general editorial service) since 1997, and she is the owner of Esquire Publications (a book publishing company). 

Elva Thompson is also an author of a slew of nonfiction novels.  Her current bestseller is "A Mother's Cry" an inspirational story about her life as a survivor that talks about her struggle and ordeal of living with domestic abuse and how she was able to set herself free physically, mentally, and emotionally.  In this novel, Elva aspires to offer solidarity and hope to others who are in similar situations.  She wants abuse victims to know they are not alone and if she survived it, they WILL too! 

Here is an interview with the President and the Founder of the Precious Hearts Foundation, Elva Thompson (aka "Precious Love")...
Q: Who are the vendors/sponsors who signed up so far?
Elva: Sponsors of the "A Family Affair" event are Golden Corral, Cracker Barrel, Publix, Palm Coast Ford, Mezzaluna’s Pizza, Honey Baked Ham, Bob Evans, Denny’s, Worldwide Digital Advertising.  Additional vendors are: John/Carole Wolfram of Waterless Carwash, Palm Coast Ford with their cars in display,     James Tyson Treats, Denice of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Daytona State College, Montessori School of Palm Coast, and Esquire Publications.

Q: How does the fund-raising component affect visitors?
Elva: Precious Hearts Foundation is raising awareness of domestic abuse. There are no donations or any entrance fees required. This is a free event, there is no fee for the visitors.

Q: How is the raised money used?
Elva: Money is used to purchase hotel vouchers for domestic abuse victims who need a quick "out" and to aid in Angel Food Ministry to provide a "meals on wheels" type program for the elderly, as well as the homeless.

Q: How old is your organization? 
Elva: We applied last year, so I guess we will be one year old this December.

Q: Where is your organization located?  
Elva: We are headquarted in Palm Coast, FL, and my Vice President is based in Atlanta, GA.  We are trying to raise awareness in both states (both Florida and Georgia), until we can eventually reach all around the world.

Q: Are you aligned with any regional or national organization?
Elva: I am still a volunteer with DAHMW (Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women) as a helpline telephone advocate every Tuesday from 8am to 2pm; and they allow me to use their helpline 800 number in case when I'm not working and they receive calls for anyone needing help in my area.

The event, “A Family Affair” will take place on Saturday July 10, 2010 at Central Park, 160 Lake Avenue at Town Center in Palm Coast.

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