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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Steve Jobs is said to know about iPhone 4 antenna problems

Are you one of the folks who couldn't wait for the new iPhone 4?

If you are left-handed you may be experiencing a problem, and that's got nothing to do with reception in Palm Coast or Flagler County... 

iPhone 4 seems to be losing signal, the moment the metal antenna that surrounds the edge of the new device is covered, which really most happens with left-handed user.

Steve Jobs issued a bizarre advice as he responded to an email from a user on the Ars Technica technology news-site who had complained about the sudden loss of signal.

In an astonishingly blunt response, Mr Jobs's reply to the email was:
" Just avoid holding it in that way. All phones have sensitive areas."
And today, there are claims that Apple and Steve Jobs knew about the phone antenna issue but proceeded with going to market with it. Apple says there is no recall..

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