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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vince Ligouri: "Say NO to Enterprise Flagler's Tax Levy Proposal"

In July 2010, Flagler County had the second highest unemployment rate in the state of Florida at 15.6 percent unemployed.  The county is in desperate need to create opportunities that will spur job growth.

On the November 2 ballot, there is an "economic development tax levy" proposal, championed by Enterprise Flagler; supported by the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce and Associates, the Flagler Home Builders Association (HBA), and the Flagler County Association of Realtors.

If approved in the referendum, a new tax would be implemented in the amount of 25 cents per $1,000 of taxable property value for 10 years. It would cost the owner of a $150,000 home with a $50,000 homestead exemption, $25.00 per year.

The tax is expected to generate about $1.8 million per year for economic development; and is proposed to be in place for 10 years.

According to Enterprise Flagler there is a plan to spend 60% on infrastructure to prepare a site for a possible large industrial user at the county airport; 30% would go toward incentives and 10% for marketing.

Vince Ligouri is a Palm Coast resident.  He is active in civic, political, and economy related issues.

Mr. Ligouri spoke at last week's forum presented by the Palm Coast Civic Association.  He provided a counter perspective to the economic development referendum on the upcoming November ballot, that was put forth by Enterprise Flagler.

Palm Coast blog contributor Harriet Lewis interviewed Mr. Ligouri on his thoughts on the upcoming referendum, as they relate to an economic development proposal made by Enterprise Flagler.

Here is this video interview --enjoy:

Here are select quotes from Mr. Ligouri:
" Did you know that since 2002 Enterprise Flagler was given $3.4 Million.  I as a citizen say: "What have you done with that money?  How many jobs have you created?  Did you not realize then that you needed a building?"  So I question their utilization of funds and their direction."

" City of Palm Coast should be against Enterprise Flagler's Economic Development tax proposal, because they will be completely disenfranchised. I did not fight for 5 years to become a city to again become dependent on County Commissioners."

" I implore the citizens of the county to look into the facts, examine both times, and to make a decision. We do need job environment and job creation, but there is a better way to do it. "

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