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Monday, September 27, 2010

Enterprise Flagler seeks support for tax levy through video

Enterprise Flagler produced a commercial to seek support for the proposed tax levy which will be on the ballot on November 2:

Economic development and jobs continue to occupy the agenda in Palm Coast and Flagler County. With an unemployment rate of over 15% Flagler County has the second jobless rate in the state of Florida.

Though, there had been opposition to the tax proposal by the community.

In a previous video interview which appeared on this blog, Palm Coast resident Vince Ligouri said:
"  Did you know that since 2002 Enterprise Flagler was given $3.4 Million.  I as a citizen say: "  What have you done with that money?  How many jobs have you created?  Did you not realize then that you needed a building?"   So I question their utilization of funds and their direction."

In an article, Flagler Live's  Pierre Tristam wrote: 
" It’s doubtful the initiative will pass --not because people don’t want economic development. They overwhelmingly do....But the plan was poorly conceived. It was poorly incubated as you spent three months—three very long months—preparing it for public consumption. And it is being dishonestly portrayed as a grass-roots initiative."

What is your opinion on the proposed tax levy by Enterprise Flagler? 

Would you take a minute and take this short survey? Results will be published in this blog in the upcoming weeks:

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