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Friday, September 3, 2010 Has Been Sold!, the flagship Business Search Engine, Directory, and Rating-Portal serving Palm Coast and Flagler County now has a new owner: Palm Coast Media Online, LLC.

Jason taking the baton from Jason
The former owner, known to the community by his first name “Jason,” started some 10 years ago.  Jason later spun off the forum capability to FlaglerChat. As an online marketing professional, Jason continues to own and works on multiple online initiatives and engagements.

The new PalmCoast.Biz ownership team is comprised of local professionals with backgrounds spanning management, marketing, design, technology, law, and human resources.

The new management team expressed that they are committed to excellence in customer service, database integrity and, most importantly, in further increasing the website’s traffic.

Visibility through added distribution channels on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and other network partners, will be a game-changer for area businesses.

Ky Ekinci, Co-Founder of Palm Coast Media Online says:
" It is pretty rewarding to see a Palm Coast Business return top Google search results because of their listing on PalmCoast.Biz. As seen in the popularity of Yelp and Angie’s List, consumers want to provide feedback about the companies and professionals they work with.’s platform provides those much needed tools.
Combine PalmCoast.Biz, this successful online entity, with our business and technology backgrounds and focus, and you’ve got a winning formula. "

For the homeowner who is typing ‘Landscaper, Attorney, or Realtor in Palm Coast’ while sitting in their Ohio, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania office, the benefit of consumer insight and the ability to provide a review when the work is done is immeasurable.

Jason Johnson, Co-Founder of Palm Coast Media Online says:
" With over a quarter million website visits annually, businesses can get their offering in front of local Palm Coast and Flagler County residents instantly! There is no other exclusive business directory in the area that can commit to and deliver on that promise today. PalmCoast.Biz is a mature online entity, a local icon. The possibility for even greater reach is exciting."

With the onslaught of home-based businesses, the changing economic landscape, and Flagler County’s population pushing a new high of 100,000, the exact number of Flagler County businesses is a moving target.

The Chamber of Commerce estimates over 2,000 businesses are active in Flagler County, with about 1,000 already as Chamber members.

The new PalmCoast.Biz will provide a free business listing for every Flagler County Business in the directory thereby helping businesses in Palm Coast and Flagler County to be found online, be noticed for excellence, and rise to the top of their category.

The power of the group, the PalmCoast.Biz collective, will be what catapults local businesses to new visibility and growth.

New owners say that powerful upgraded listing options start from as low as $9.95 a month.

As part of the new management, PalmCoast.Biz has announced a limited time offer of up to 50% OFF listings with annual prepayment options.

The community overall welcomed the new management with enthusiasm and support.  Here's a sample of dozens of good wishes received:

" Congratulations! is a valuable resource for our community, I wish you the best for the future! "
" Great people!  And I'm sure the business will flourish. Congrats to all involved. "
" Congratulations on your purchase!  Looking forward to doing business with you! "
" Congrats to both the seller and the buyer. I use the site a lot and will continue to in the future. I know that you have just purchased the site, But would like to see what your plans are for deleting any double listings or the businesses that are no longer in business. Unfortunately this had been a problem that never got taken care of in the past. I am a firm believer in businesses helping other businesses within the community. So like I said, if there's anything I could help with, let me know. "

"Scrub it Clean!"

Ky and Jason say that the database clean up effort has already started,  New listings are being added, as the closed businesses are being marked and deleted.

On that note, as a part of the database cleanup effort, the new management team is asking the community's help to point out listings that are no longer in business or have moved out of Flagler County.

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For more information e-mail or visit the company website at

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