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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dubai Real Estate Firm opens US Office in Palm Coast

When we look for homes for our clients, we look for groupings of homes. Our client’s are affluent and they tend to make investment or retirement location choices as a group, and that means several families together.
From Left: Palm Coast's Vice Mayor Holsey Moorman,
Khalid Muneer and Iseeb Rehman of Sherwoods Real Estate,
and Palm Coast's Mayor Jon Netts
These were the words of Iseeb Rehman, who visited Palm Coast recently, for the opening of their US Office, and to scout various developments in Flagler County and Central Florida for investment opportunities.

The visit was made possible by Khalid Muneer, a long time resident of Palm Coast --a well known figure in the business, real estate, and investment circles, both locally and state-wide. Khalid has been cultivating and securing international interest in Palm Coast in recent years.

Khalid has been in talks with Iseeb Rehman – the Global Managing Director of Sherwoods Real Estate Consultants, an international real estate brokerage and investment consulting firm, with locations in the United Kingdom, Dubai, Abu Dabi, and Russia.

As international investors, they are drawn to Florida for what they believe is the beginning of the up-turn.

Mr. Rehman traveled to Palm Coast on Thursday, August 12th for the official launch of their US Office. As part of his visit, Mr. Rehman named Khalid Muneer, CEO of their US operation: Sherwoods Real Estate (USA) LLC.

They then proceeded to move onto their initial project together which was to scout for investment opportunities for up to $4 Million to acquire select properties in Palm Coast, the Hammock, or in greater Orlando area.

Mayor Jon Netts, Vice Mayor Holsey Moorman, Council woman Mary DiStefano and the City of Palm Coast Senior Planner and Economic Development Team Leader Beau Falgout sat down to talk with Mr. Rehman and Mr. Muneer about the opportunities that are here for investors and businesses.

City of Orlando, for instance, another location on Mr. Rehman’s trip planner was not likely to be able to produce their Mayor and city council members for a meeting with a businessman interested in long term investments. But Palm Coast did, shattering the profile that the city is not business friendly.

Mr. Rehman is an elegant man... He is thoughtful in his ways. He listened carefully and shared examples of like projects successfully completed in like locations to Palm Coast over his twenty six year history.

One example was a suburban community outside of London. Difficult for people to first want to invest in a community that is simply not London. But once a few key investors go first others follow.

And in the case of Palm Coast, not Orlando and not Jacksonville, he felt strongly he and Khalid could earn the same successes.

Mr. Rehman knows his investors well: What drives them; their short and long term goals. He was moved by the quality of life and potential for significant growth here in Palm Coast and Flagler County.

Mr. Rehman’s trip was a whirlwind. Khalid Muneer and Iseeb Rehman scouted multiple locations and properties, and all that he could in the short time frame before his return to Dubai.

Khalid now works on setting up the Palm Coast office and preparing for Mr. Rehman the investments he is narrowing on as well as the possibilities for doing more here. He will rely on Khalid to cultivate the opportunities that he and his investment practice will review

The meeting and the opening of the US Office were covered in the Daytona Beach News Journal by Aaron London, as well as by Brian McMillian of of Palm Coast Observer.

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