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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Palm Coast: An Unfortunate Morning Incident....

At the end of our morning walk a collection of emergency vehicles had blocked the exit to the parking lot of the St. Joe's Pathway.

We saw a helmet on the street pavement, under the Hammock Dunes toll bridge. It was near the entrance to European village.
 I assumed there was
a hit and run incident
There was no bicycle in sight nor were there any vehicles other than those driven by emergency responders.

When I approached one of the responders, to ask about when I could move my car, I was told that a helicopter was enroute to airlift a person to the hospital.

The responder also told us that it was not an hit and run.

It was a cyclist who stopped to rest while riding over the bridge. He apparently sat on the rail to rest.

The bicycle handlebar
was still where
the rider rested
on the rail of the
A motorist on the bridge saw a man sitting on the rail fall over backwards, according to the Sherriff's deputy.

The airlift helicopter arrived very quickly. The patient, was rapidly whisked off to the south.

I did not get his name... nor was I told his condition or which hospital he was taken to.

David Royall is a writer who has yet to write his best sentence. He is a photographer who says he always hopes that his next photo will be his best. David also dreams of crossing the equator, one day, in the sailboat that he named Shibumi.  David is shy when using identity labels because he thinks he has too many of them. “Who I am depends upon who you are and where you are standing when you see me”, he says. He is a father, a son, a brother, and a spousal equivalent. He is a commercial pilot, a scuba diver and a student of Tai Chi; among many other things.  David retired from a 38 year career in air traffic control. He was also an entrepreneur with two successful companies in Atlanta, GA. Today David lives in Palm Coast, Florida and travels from there with a pocket camera and a little Moleskine journal; aimlessly recording whatever catches his interest. You can find David on twitter at @royalld read David’s Blog: Retired – Driving Slow in the Fast Lane”or visit his Online Photo Galleries

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