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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Florida DOT Recognizes Flagler County Airport

Flagler County Council Receiving the FDOT Award
Florida Department of Transportation recognized Flagler County Airport for FDOT’s 2010 General Aviation Airport Project of the Year for the construction of the Air Traffic Control Tower.

The tower began operation in October of 2009 and since then controllers have worked more than 100,000 operations which equates to approximately 500 operations a day. The addition of the tower added layer of safety to the skies above Flagler County.

Tower placement, need, safety and planning for future development of the airport were all cited as reasons for awarding the recognition.

The tower project was funded by DOT for $2.4 million and $600,000 was provided for construction from revenues the Airport receives from leases, fuel sales and other sources.

Flagler County Airport, Palm Coast, Florida
Because of its central location in Palm Coast, and outside of the major control zones, the airport fills a vital role for flight training, business as well as recreational and sport aviation activities.

Flagler County government says that the Flagler County Airport is one of the busiest general aviation airports in the State of Florida.

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According to a March 2010 Publication by Florida Department of Transportation:  
The annual economic impact of Flagler County Airport is associated with direct impacts that come from tenants/businesses located at the airport and construction projects that are undertaken by the airport or by on-site businesses.
Indirect impacts are associated with spending from visitors who arrive in the area via general aviation aircraft.
The airport’s total annual economic impact is estimated as:

  • 1,431 Jobs
  • $120Million in Economic Activity
  • $40Million in Payroll
Though the study makes references to businesses that use the airport as Ginn Development Company, Sea Ray Boats, Palm Coast Holdings, and Palm Coast Resort -- some of which in trouble, and some of which is not exactly thriving today.  Summary of the study is below...

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