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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Flagler County School Board Candidates Primary Election Results

In the School Board District 3 race the incumbent Trevor Tucker received 56% of the votes, against his challanger Mark Ray's 44%.

Last year, Tucker was appointed to the School Board by Governor Charlie Crist, to fill Peter Palmer's term as School Board Member at District 3.

With his clear victory in  the elections, Tucker holds on to his seat in the Flagler County School Board.

* * *

The more crowded School Board District 5 race has one candidate clearly lost, but no one to claim the School Board seat.  We'll have to wait till November for that.

In the Disctrict 5 race, Peter Peligian is out of the race with only 22% of the votes.

John Fischer is the winner with 44.07% of the votes, followed by Raven Sword with 34.19% of the votes.

The two will have to face each other in the general election on November 2, 2010.

Here's brief bios of both candidates you will see on the ballots in the general elections for the School Board seat from District 5:

John Fischer
Age: 65  
Residence: Palm Coast
OccupationField agent for Knights of Columbus
Political ExperienceNone

Priorities for School Board: Promoting higher family values, a higher standard of education for children, fair salaries and a better health care plan for teachers and substitute teachers.

Raven Sword
Age: 33 
ResidencePalm Coast
Occupation: Attorney
Political Experience: None.

Priorities for School Board: Continue the School Board's efforts in striking a balance between cost-cutting and investment in education while maintaining safe and secure 21st century learning environments that promote excellence for all; continue efforts to effectively lobby state and federal governments for additional money to support schools; and intensify grant-writing efforts as an alternative to cutting programs.

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