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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Local Inventor/School Teacher Helps Golfers With the O'Beam!

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A few years ago I was introduced to golf.  
Well, not like I didn't know what the game was, I just had never played it.  I found out I actually enjoyed it.  I even got a set of clubs.  Heck I was going to be living in Florida and what better thing to be able to do, but enjoying some 'relaxing' games of golf.  

The 'relaxing' portion of that phrase I've come to find out is apparently a secret pun used by all of those who have actually become good at the game to entice others to come in to their private little joke against the rest of us would-be golfers.  

I have also come to realize that the best description of how the game was actually conceived was by Robin Williams who described the game's concept occurring by a drunk Scotsman in a pub one evening (video contains explicit languae).  

Seriously, I start out at the tee box (which is not a box at all) and look down at this wide open green area with a little flag flopping in the wind in the distance.  "Just hit it to me.", the flag beckons.  I know now the the flopping of the flag is not from the wind but from the flag laughing at me from what is to come once I begin actually hitting the ball towards it.  

So it goes and I hit.  Then I venture on a search for that little white ball in what can best be described as something close to what you see on those lost-in-the-woods survival shows.  Then after about 20 hits (granted this is my average par 3 too) and about 10 new balls I arrive at the green.  

You know the green...  

The green is that oasis of the golf course.  It's open.  Possibly a little roll here and there, but just a few feet (or yards) of tapping separates you from that final destination . . . the ball in the hole.  You can even hear that beautiful little sound in your head that resonates as the ball bounces around in the pvc-like material of the 'cup'.  So you tap your putt and . . . . and you tap again . . . and you tap again . . . and . . . the ball goes past the hole!!!!  

Or if you have a bag full of the really obnoxious golf balls like me, the ball stops right on the rim of the cup laughing at you.  Why? Why? Why?!!!!  

Well, local golf enthusiast, inventor, and 8th Grade St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School Teacher Katie O'Keefe has found a way to help all of us frustrated golfers with . . . The O'Beam!

"What's an O'Beam" you may ask.  The O'Beam is designed to correct the biggest problem with putting for golfers . . . head movement.  

The O'Beam is a laser device that clips on the brim of a golfer's hat or visor and projects a small circle on the ball.  This helps train the golfer to minimize head movement while putting.  

Sure the club companies put that little line on the putter as an obvious gesture of kindness, but it doesn't stop one's head from moving around alot.  The O'Beam does.  

According to O'Keefe (from her website):

" Minimal head movement is essential in a solid golf swing, particularly in a solid putting stroke.  Obviously it is impossible to keep your head absolutely still, but minimizing your head movement will dramatically improve your putting stroke and lower your scores."  

Chip Beck (PGA and Champions Tour Player) says:
" 'O' BEAM is the best putting aid I have ever used. It clearly helps you to minimize head movement which results in more solid putts and lower scores.  A must-have for every golfer!"

Check out the video of the interview with Katie on The Golf Channel below to see the O'Beam in action.

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