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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Two End of The World Parties in Palm Coast to Attend

The Mayan calendar has 1,872,000 consecutive individual days and lasts 5,125 years --a length of time known as the Great Cycle.

The End of The World theory makes reference to the Mayan calendar, which will end on December 21st 2012, marking the end of a cycle.

Depending on how you are looking at it, it may be a time for celebration or fear!

If you fear the end of the world on December 21st is a fact, and if you’re looking for safe places to be on the day the world will end as we know it, then you can either head to Şirince (Turkey) or Bugarach (France)
Şirince, a village of around 600 inhabitants in Western Turkey, has a positive energy according to the doomsday cultists; because it’s at a mountaintop, only a stone-throw away from Ephesus, near where Christians believe the Virgin Mary ascended to heaven. 
Bugarach, a tiny French village at the foot of the Pyrenees, is also supposed to survive the end of the world when the Mayan calendar ends. According to New Agers, the local mountain has magical powers as a gate between different worlds. 
Both towns are already overrun with visitors who are seeking safety on doomsday!

The world will not end on December 21, 2012, or any day in 2012 –according to NASA.  And if you are in Palm Coast and Flagler County, and want to celebrate, instead of fear, the End of The World, then there are two parties to attend:

I Decided Not to End The World party will take place at Hollingsworth Gallery, located at the City Marketplace.  The Art Gallery wants to convince God with a work of ART that human race should be allowed to continue.  Party starts at 6 PM and you can RSVP on facebook here.

End of the World Party at Farley’s Irish Pub in European Village will be another fun place to be.  It will also feature a book signing by two local authors who published a Zombie Apocalypse Novella that takes place in European Village: DYING DAYS~The Siege of European Village.

You will enjoy a tremendous beer selection at Farley’s (along with great cocktails and full-liquor bar); and meet the authors Armand Rosamilia and Tim Baker.  What better way to celebrate this momentous day then to pick up a signed copy of this truly unique tale of zombie apocalypse and how it affects the coolest destination in Palm Coast. Who knows? Maybe a zombie or two will even show up!  The party and book signing starts at 7 pm; and you can RSVP on facebook, here.

Want to learn more about the book and read a sample?  Read this article:

Local Authors Release Book with Zombies at European Village

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