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Friday, December 7, 2012

Local Authors Release New Book with Zombies at European Village in Palm Coast

Flagler / Volusia County Authors Armand Rosamilia and Tim Baker launch their first co-written work: Dying Days -- The Siege of European Village.

The book is the latest release in the Dying Days series by Armand Rosamilia, and a first with Tim Baker (author of Water Hazard and Pump It Up).  The book combines both authors' favorite characters with some of the locally known names in Palm Coast and Flagler Beach in one rousing story!  Book includes an Author Interview detailing how the story came about, as well as sample chapters from both authors!

The book's settings are familiar places for Palm Coast and Flagler County residents: from the Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine, to A1A, Matanzas Inlet, with the main setting at European Village in Palm Coast --one of the last safe havens in the Nation, where shop-owners and residents join together in fight against the invasion of Zombies...

Here is an excerpt:
     The building itself was massive, with four stories and set in a triangular pattern, three different buildings connected by catwalks and ramps.
     "It looks like shops on the bottom floor and apartments on levels two to four.  Almost like a small city. The sign says European Village. Looks like a nice place to spend an afternoon. Except for the guys with rifles. Oh, and the zombies."
     "This side is gated and I'm sure every other entrance is blocked as well. It looks like a great setup for whoever is living there."
     "The problem for us is they've most likely looted the area for miles around." Darlene snickered.
     "I think we're wasting our time here. Going into Palm Coast will end up being a bust. We need to get back on A1A and find another neighborhood."
     "Where? Everything out there has been picked clean already. Even the extra supplies we couldn't carry and left at the Golden Lion on previous forays have been moved."
     "Did you say foray? Really?"
     "Shut up."
     John's smile faded. "We have company."
     Two zombies, both older men, were shuffling slowly and silently toward them, dead eyes locked onto John and Darlene.....

The book is available on Amazon digital edition (kindle), with the paperback version being released at a press event and book signing session with the authors at European Village in the coming weeks.  You can purchase the Amazon Kindle edition here:
Dying Days -- The Siege of European Village

..and you can connect with the authors on twitter, here: Tim Baker | Armand Rosamilia

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