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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Local Dermatologist’s discovery helps recovery of bruised skin

Local dermatologist Dr. Jeffrey Parks was frustrated by the number of his patients affected by benign purpura, a form of bruising that affects the hands, arms and legs. Because there was no known treatment available—Dr. Park’s concern for his patients prompted the development of a topically-applied balm that helps bruised skin quickly recover to a healthy appearance.

BruiseCare® Treatment Balm is now available on the market—providing a much needed solution to those afflicted with this skin condition. When applied directly to bruises, 73% of the patients tested showed clear improvements in skin appearance as compared to non-treated bruised skin in seven days!

You or someone you know likely suffers from this form of unsightly bruising. It’s worsened by the aging process, years of sun exposure, and is often an unwanted side effect of blood thinners, steroids, and other prescription drugs. This is a common condition in Central Florida due to the age of the population and the climate. In fact, Dr. Parks estimates that at least 15% of his patients are afflicted with purpura bruising.

The company Dr. Parks co-founded, SkinHealth Technology LLC, is based in Ormond Beach. It researches and produces highly effective topically-applied formulas. Although BruiseCare® remains its flagship treatment, the SkinHealth line now offers seven different items addressing diverse conditions like acne and vitamin D deficiency. The entire line is available at Dr. Jeffrey Park’s offices located in Ormond Beach and Palm Coast or at

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