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Monday, March 14, 2011

Creating A Great Facebook Page For Your Business Or Organization

The Palm Coast Home Show Facebook Page
Facebook is obviously a huge attraction for individuals to connect and socialize with others.  It has also become a powerful way for businesses and organizations to connect with customers and their communities.  Does it replace your existing website?  I don't agree with that notion.  Rather the Facebook page is an excellent supplement to your existing website allowing you to interact and share with others that is often limited on traditional websites.

So how do you create a Facebook page?  Pretty simple actually:

  1. Click here to register and start building your page
  2. Design and upload your profile image.  Profile images can be 200 x 600 pixels which allows you to create an attractive image with business or organization information.  After uploading your profile image, click the 'Edit Thumbnail' link and select the area of your image you want to display in your 'fan' base's Facebook feed.
  3. Add your business or organization's information including contact information, website link, and an overview of who you are.
  4. Assign your administrators.  You can have multiple administrators for a page which allows several people to contribute and engage visitors.  
  5. Tell people about your page.  Once you get 25 'Likes' of your page you can assign a unique username which makes your link  The username should be your business or organization's name.
Now your page is built, what do you post there?  This is where you can get creative and have a lot of fun.  Some great things to post on your page are:
  1. Links to your blog posts
  2. Links to relevant news articles (scroll through images to find the most relevant and attractive image to display)
  3. Upload photos/video from company or organization events
  4. Engage visitors by asking questions and input
The Office Divvy Facebook Page
I prefer using Hootsuite which allows for finding content online and easily sharing the information on the Facebook page and/or multiple Twitter accounts at one time.  

We have some great local Facebook pages as well for you to 'Like' and keep updated on local happenings.  Here's a few:
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