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Monday, November 1, 2010

Keep Your Smartphone Safe With MyLookout

Smartphones are great.  Plus they are expensive and vulnerable to viruses just like any computer.  So naturally you want to keep your investment safe.  So when I found an app that combines virus protection, phone locater, and backup protection all in one for free I had to check it out.  I'm talking about MyLookout.  This is an awesome free app available for Android phones, blackerry, and Windows 7 phones.  No, iPhone isn't in there because iPhone offers the MobileMe service.  Darn you Apple!

Anyway, this free online service allows you the following benefits:
  1. Add multiple phones to one account.  Manage all your household phones in one spot.
  2. Virus protection.  Yes, viruses can invade smartphones.
  3. Phone Location.  Track phones over the web via the mobile network or GPS.  If GPS is turned on on the phone you will get better accuracy obviously but the mobile network option is pretty close.  Need to keep track of the kids?  What a great option . Also great if you lost your phone.
  4. Backup your data.  
  5. Stolen phone?  Two great features for this:
    1. Scream. Click the 'scream' button and no one will want to hold onto the phone.
    2. Wipe your data over the web. 
You can't beat free for this type of functionality.  Check it out.  Only takes a few minutes to  set up and is well worth the time.
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