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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Palm Coast's Epic Theater to have complete digital projection!

EPIC Theatres has received its digital projectors for its new all-stadium, all-digital theatre in Palm Coast, Florida. EPIC's Palm Coast will be the first theatre in the area designed from the ground up for complete digital projection and 3D presentation. The new EPIC theatre opens 25 June 2010.

EPIC is operated by third and fourth generation motion picture exhibitors that focus on the latest industry technologies to provide customers with exceptional presentation and service. Clint DeMarsh, VP of Purchasing for EPIC Theatres said, “We are pleased to select Barco in bringing EPIC entertainment to the Palm Coast area. Digital projection provides a number of advantages over film and Barco brings the quality and expertise needed for this all-digital facility. EPIC plans to deploy all-digital complexes from here on. In the next eighteen months, EPIC will open two new multiplexes."

"EPIC Theatres is one of Barco's most forward-thinking customers," explains Terri Westhafer, Director of Business Development. "They are fully embracing the next-generation digital technology and plan to open more all-digital multiplexes in 2011. We are very proud to be a part of EPIC Theatres' growth and dynamic innovation.

Epic Movie Theater has installed Barco Series II DP2K-15Cs and DP2K-20Cs models at their new Palm Coast location. All incorporate Barco's proprietary and patented cooling designs, modular construction, sealed engines, Smart Power Systems and Diagnostic Companion, as well as many additional features.
To be able to partner with Epic at this point in their evolution is an amazing opportunity. We can truly help to position them as a leader in digital cinema along the Atlantic Coast, and fuel their growth as they expand into new markets,” said Todd Hoddick, VP of Barco Digital Cinema North America.
Source: Barco Press Release
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