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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

12-year old Palm Coast Tennis Star selected for USTA Player Development

Palm Coast's young tennis star Reilly Opelka has been accepted to a full-time USTA Player Development program* in Boca Raton.  He is one of the 6 juniors in the state of Florida to be accepted to the USTA program.

Reilly Opelka, is the top-ranked player for "12-and-under" in Florida; and ranked 14th in the nation. 

Opelka is expected to train under the tutelage of Patrick McEnroe --a former pro, and currently the general manager of USTA Player Development.

Opelka will be joined by 19 other peers in this program (13 boys and 6 girls). The students will reside and train full-time at the facility, where they will receive coaching from the USTA National Coaching staff and will continue their academic education through course work provided by Kaplan Virtual Education.  

" I think we are bringing in a very dynamic group of kids of all age groups from across the country. These kids have demonstrated their commitment to improvement on and off the court and have consistently displayed a strong work ethic and desire.  Our hope is that they will continue to push each other to become the best players they can be.~ Patrick McEnroe, GM, USTA Player Development

Former players who have trained full-time with USTA Player Development at the Boca facility include 2009 USTA Boys’ 18s National Champion Chase Buchanan, 2009 USTA Girls’ 18s National Champion Christina McHale, 2008 USTA Boys’ 18s National Clay Court Champion Evan King and 2007 USTA Girls’ 18s National Champion Ashley Weinhold.

Best wishes and much success to Palm Coast's own Reilly Opelka!

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