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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flagler County Property Taxes vs. the rest of Florida

Are your property taxes higher in Flagler County than homeowners in other parts of Florida? A new list from Florida Tax Watch reveals how much residents pay in property taxes in each of  Florida's 67 counties.

Monroe County (which includes the Florida Keys) tops the list. Homeowners there paid an average $2,800 tax bill in 2010. The lowest property tax average in the state was in Union County, at just $291.

Here is where Flagler County ranks based on two dimensions:

  1) Total Per Capita Property Tax (#15 in the state),
  2) Tax Levies per $1,000 of Personal Income (#8 in the state)

In both cases Flagler County is also higher than the state average:

Based on the entire-state-averages, School Districts also make up the largest portion of the property taxes.  With nearly 44% of all the property tax amounts going to School Districts, 26% to the County, and 13% to the City you live in:

In the case of Per Capita School District Tax Levies, Flagler County also ranked #15 in 2010, with $707.71 (5 ranks more expensive than the State average which was $594.51).

The comprehensive study was prepared by Florida TaxWatch which is a private, non-profit, non-partisan research institute that consider itself the watchdog of citizens′ hard-earned tax dollars.  You can download the entire publication here.

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