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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Love Bugs in Palm Coast and Flagler County

Image by Wikifrosch a newcomer to Palm Coast and Flagler County (particularly those who moved from the northern states), the Plecia Nearctica presents curiosity, wonder, and nuissance simultaneously.

Commonly called as the "love bug" these insects are also known as the honeymoon fly, kissingbug or double-headedbug.

They are widely found in Central America and Southern United States, including in Florida's Northeast and Gulf-Coasts.

Sometimes flying around in hundreds even thousands, the love bugs can be seen in Palm Coast typically twice a year: Spring and Late Summer/Early Fall.

Part of the frustration comes from driving on the highways, with the bugs smashing to the hood and the windshield of the vehicles; and they dry out and are known to chip the paint if they are not cleaned immediately.  Love bugs created a whole industry of paint-cleaners in the US.

What are some of the ways you deal with them in the yard and when they stick to your car?

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