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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Seeking Your Input for Regional Solutions

In an earlier blog posting, I discussed connecting residents to policy-making (Strategies to Connect People to Policy: Communicating Economic Development to Residents). Now, I am presenting the first of several opportunities for you to provide input regarding solutions that may have an impact on job creation in the region.

The poor economic environment and the weak employment situation currently being experienced in Central Florida are causing the region to lose its competitive advantage in the state, national and global marketplace. The “Let’s Get to Work” Coalition has formed to develop a framework to regain Central Florida’s Competitive advantage. The Coalition is asking for your input on the following:

1. What are the governmental barriers at the local or state level that keep you or your neighbors from “Getting Back to Work” (Where possible, please cite specific county or city ordinances, state regulations or other governmental procedures) For each barrier, please provide any specific recommendations on how to best address the current barrier.

2. What are the economic barriers at the local or state level that keep you or your neighbors from “Getting Back to Work”? (Again, please be as specific as possible.)

**If you do not want to post your comments to this blog, you may send them to me confidentially at

Your input is being requested by the “Let’s Get to Work” coalition and, a Central Florida organization committed to connecting communities by building regional solutions. Harriet Lewis PhD, Flagler County resident and Managing Partner at Konesens Research, is a member of the Northeast Regional Board of Advisors for, which serves Volusia and Flagler Counties.
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