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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Palm Coast Man Predicts the Iranian Plane Crash

Bob Pickering is not a stranger to many Palm Coast and Flagler County residents.  He is an Emergency Management Technician working for the County Administration.  He is also a fun loving person and a train enthusiast.

In his facebook post earlier today, he posted:
" Last night I dreamed of a plane crash somewhere a big somewhere there will be one... somewhere. ...yes sometimes I hate this weird ability I have... but I have it."
Here is his original facebook post from earlier today:

Sure enough, one to two hours after his post BBC and Reuters started publishing the news about the passenger plane crash in Iran where 70 of the 100 passengers are believed to be killed.  The flight was by IranAir --flying from the capital Tehran, and it crashed near the north-western city of Orumiyeh, near the Turkish Border, an area in the West Azerbaijan province -- which was its final destination.  Here's more from BBC on the Breaking News.

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