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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Real Estate 'For Sale' Sign Just Got Better With QR Codes

The 'For Sale' sign on the lawn of a property is still alive and well and continues to serve a purpose . . . letting others know the property is for sale.  In fact, buyers still continue to find properties of interest by these signs and continue to take drives to look for them in an area of interest.  But the sign has always had a huge barrier that has bothered my wife, Kathleen, and I . . . the lack of information.  You basically get three bits of information from the sign:
  1. That the property is for sale
  2. The company and agent the property is listed with
  3. A phone number to call

So if the buyer does want to know more about the property they can either call the number on the sign or jot down the property address and look it up when they get home.  The buyer has really never been able to get any more information immediately other than maybe 'clunky' text message or 800-number requests . . . until now.

Realtor, Kathleen West ( just launched scannable signs.  The lawn sign has a scannable QR Code (quick response code) which can be scanned with a smartphone and a scanning app such as Shop Savvy.  Once the code is scanned, the person is directed automatically to a site that contains the property information plus photos, local information such as schools, satellite maps, and more.  If the buyer wishes to schedule a showing or has more questions, simply click the 'Request More Information' button or touch the phone number on the screen to dial.  It's that easy. 
An example of the rider is below which you can scan the QR code on the screen to see the result at 13 Pinelark Ln in Palm Coast, FL:

The custom rider was created with help from Palm Coast Signs.  Fernando and his team have always done a wonderful job for us and provide quick turnaround.  
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