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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shopping Savvy This Holiday With Mobile Tech

Mobile devices are changing the way we do things everyday.  They are also providing shoppers with more information to make better decisions.  One of my favorite mobile applications is Shop Savvy by Big In Japan, Inc.  
Shop Savvy makes use of your iPhone or Android mobile phone's camera allowing the user to scan barcodes.  Once you scan the barcode on a product, within seconds it provides you with the price of the product locally and on the web.  The shopper can then check with the store they are in to see if they price match or make a decision to purchase elsewhere.  While in a store the other day, I was shopping for an all-in-one laser printer.  I scanned the barcode with the Shop Savvy app and saw that the product was being offered for $30 less at a competitor.  I asked the clerk if they price matched and showed the information on my phone.  They gave me the printer for the lower price.
Sacn Me
Scan Me With The Shop Savvy App

Shop Savvy also can be used to scan QR Codes.  If you are not familiar with QR codes, see my blog post on that topic.  These images are showing up on products, signs, and other places.  Once you scan them with the Shop Savvy app you can get more information on a product, discounts, contact information, so forth and so on.  The great thing is that by using Shop Savvy you only need one app, which is FREE, for multiple purposes.

So while you are out this upcoming Christmas season and shopping, put that smartphone to work and do some Savvy Shopping.
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